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The California estate planning attorneys of Associates of San Diego, P.C. have nearly 25 years of experience in probate matters and have handled estates for families of all walks of life and economic backgrounds. Whether your situation requires administration of an estate, or creation of a will or a trust, our attorneys have the knowledge and advocacy skill necessary for you to effectively navigate the complexities of probate law and begin to move forward with your life.

What Is Probate?

Probate is the process where the court oversees the administration of a deceased person’s estate. This process is intended to ensure that all outstanding bills and expenses of the decedent are paid. This includes satisfying tax debts and claims made by creditors. The remaining assets are then distributed to the beneficiaries named in the decedent’s will. If the decedent did not make a will, the decedent is “intestate,” and the estate will be distributed to his or her heirs as defined under Nebraska law.

Probate Administration

Our attorneys work closely with the estate fiduciaries in order to assess the value of the estate, settle claims and efficiently lead the estate through the probate process. We also will ensure that title to assets are properly transferred to heirs. While we hope to settle all matters amicably, in the event a dispute arises during the course of estate administration, our attorneys are fully prepared to mediate or litigate in court if necessary to protect the estates’ interests. Probate administration can be costly and time-consuming without the proper legal assistance; our experienced legal staff will ensure that every estate will be administered with minimal expense and delay.

Seek Representation from Experienced Probate Lawyers

Associates of San Diego, PC Hicks are experienced estate planning attorneys who are dedicated to ensuring you are informed and protected throughout the probate process. These proceedings are often emotionally difficult and legally complex, involving a host of new duties and responsibilities for the people involved. You do not have to face these situations alone. It is crucial that you seek the guidance and representation of an experienced Nebraska probate attorney who can help you through the estate planning and probate process. To find out more about our estate planning services, contact our Carmel Valley office at (858) 713-2199 or online. We serve clients in the San Diego area, San Diego County and other communities throughout California.

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